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The Tales and Trails of Historic
Old Town San Diego

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Listen to the tales...

Of the Stewart Adobe and hear about the early Mexican pioneers and their lifestyle when San Diego had a cattle based economy and life was colorful but simple...

Sit in the Mason Street School House where Miss Mary Chase Walker, our first school teacher from New England, taught San Diego's youngsters to read and write. Her students taught her in return to speak Spanish. . .

Hear about the hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson and why he haunts the Thomas Whaley House to this very day. (This haunting is authenticated by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce) . . .

Walk around Washington Square and view the flagpole where the first American Flag was raised in 1846. It's the plaza around which San Diego's first families built their homes in 1821 . . .

Make no bones about it . . .

San Diego's pioneers reside permanently in this beautiful and very authentic cemetery. Stroll among the headboards and crosses of El Campo Santo and learn how some of these pioneers came to be in their final resting place.

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